Get Ready for Someting Great!

GillPans has recognised the steel pan's versatility and has dedicated itself to broadening the communication pathways, for steelband music and to enriching the multi-dimensional development of the instrument.


In fact, the Gill vision for the pan's development is rooted in more than fifty years of experience.

Its aim to ensure the highest quality has led to the manufacture of steel barrels through Gill's subsiduary company, CG Packaging Systems Ltd.
Each barrel meets strict specifications that have been scientifically proven to ensure accurate tuning, aesthetically pleasing chrome finish and the best sound.


The GillPans outreach approach, to pan tuning has led to an international assembling of specially selected tuners, who are strong in various areas of the tuning process. The company has opened its doors to the new generation of tuners and nurtured their enthusiasm and passion for tuning.
The subsequent increase in confidence and self-esteem amongst this group auger well for the future.

Gill Pans has partnered with, supported and sponsored, a network of international educators, who have incorporated this innovative music learning tool into their existing music programmes.