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C.G Packaging Systems Ltd is a distributor of 55 gallon drums tailored for manufacturing the steelpan instrument. The company has been formed to meet the urgent, relevant need of barrels for the local steelpan industry.  No stranger to the steelpan industry, we have been importing barrels since 2007 which GILLPANS TM  has been using to manufacture their instruments.
Specifications of the steel have been upgraded for greater durability , marketability and shelf life. The steelpan is taking a step beyond a cultured instrument and increasing its physical integrity and its international influence. The purpose of this company is to stabilise the steelpan economy and to lift the standard of professionalism in the local industry.

  • Content
  • Thickness
  • Hardness
All the above corresponds with the steelpan terminology and standard ADSR (envelope of notes)- Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release. With our present level of competence, we are expanding operations from being just a skill pool and steelpan provider.

We are now poised to become more involved in the local steelpan process. This promises to boost Trinidad’s steelpan landscape and also increase the influence of the steelpan globally.  It’s a definitive step towards self governance and the nation becoming the premier steelpan provider    

The Digital Pan mobile app is the only steelpan that is officially and exclusively endorsed by the world governing body for the steelpan - Pan Trinbago. This innovative app features instant acess to the entire rance of the steelpan family, including the tenor, double guitars, double seconds and the six bass. The app offers the opportunity to experience the diverse richness of the national instrument of Trinidad and Tobago and the only percissive instrument created in the 20th century

The Digital Pan App Features:

Ten Steelpans
Change Color of Junior Pan
Rotate & Move Pans
Record As You Play
View Pan Notes

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